Water Resistance

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Water Resistance / Water Resist

Many of us have the belief that if our watch says in the back of the box “Water Resist” or “Water Resistant” means that we can submerge it without happening absolutely nothing, which is a very serious mistake.

If our watch says it is “water resistant” we must see how resistant it is to ensure that the use we give is correct and thus we will ensure a long life.

All watch brands are based on the same standards in regards to this subject, and this is because there is a standard for this. DIN 8310 is responsible for regulating the construction criteria and test pressures to be respected by the new clocks.

This water resistance generally ranges from 3 ATMs / 30 meters up to 20 ATMs / 200 meters, this can be verified on the case of your watch.

Keep in mind that the fact that your watch says it has a water resistance of 30 meters does not mean that there are 30 meters submersible but 3 atms, which we will explain more easily in the following image:

Due to the fact that this resistance is measured in bars-atmospheric pressure, we must consider that when nothing or jumps to the water, the pressure on the hermetic elements that has the case of your watch can be greater than the pressure that this indicates, for Therefore, your watch may be damaged. Another example may be when after a long exposure to the sun you submerge your watch into water, the pressure of the impact is added to the negative pressure due to cooling, which can also damage it.

The recommendation of the experts, is to be clear how much pressure supports your watch and verify at least once a year in a specialized establishment, that the seals that make your watch is in good condition.

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