Tips to take care of your watch

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When it comes to watch care, there are often many different opinions about what can be done or not done. This often causes confusion, especially to people who are starting their collections or are new to the world of watchmaking.

Here at Invicta Mexico we have prepared some basic tips to take care of your watch and thus maximize its functions and aesthetics during its period of life. Ready to become an expert in watches? :

1. The battery of the clocks lasts approximately 2 to 3 years, but it is important to know that it is not advisable to wait until the battery is exhausted completely to change it, because when it is exhausted, the clock gears stop. Leaving a watch stopped for a long period of time can cause the battery to rust, turning its internal substance which can stain and damage the machinery. It would require a thorough cleaning and cleaning of the machinery, and in the worst case could cause the clock to stop working.

2. Remember, if your watch is mechanical or automatic and has not been in use, it is sure to stop. To bring it back to life, in case of being a mechanical watch, you must give it a hand rope (at least 10 strings) before using it. This will give the mechanical clock an approximate duration of 36 hours. If the watch is automatic, it only updates the time, and with the constant movement of your wrist, your watch will begin to function.

3. Whenever you change the battery, also try to change the packaging. Over time, the rubber of the gaskets can dry out which can affect the seal of the clocks.

4. Placing your watch near electronic devices can generate magnetic fields that affect its performance, so avoid these spaces. There are watch cases that help you prevent this kind of damage.

5. For no reason do you manipulate the crown and pushbuttons of your watch when in contact with the water since, if this is the case, water can enter the machinery and cause severe damage.

6. Salt water is very harmful to your watch, so just after being in contact with sea water rinse with fresh water, to prevent salt from damaging the appearance and grains of sand accumulate in the extensible.

7. And last but not least: Keep your watch clean, how simple it is, it’s amazing that there are clocks that look like they have not been cleaned in a long time, to keep it clean, you just have to use some soap , Water and a nylon brush or soft bristle toothbrush and run it through your watch carefully.

Your watch is part of your personality, it is this important accessory that is measuring your time second to second, make an effort to take care of it so that it can reflect to the maximum the type of person that you are.

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